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Black's Law Dictionary, 5th Edition A introduction and one well worth knowing about

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Black's Law Dictionary, 5th Edition  A introduction and one well worth knowing about

As a legal researcher , I have receive many inquiries in the area of law, especially pertaining to so-called "sovereignty ." One of the major inquiries I receive consistently from people interested in learning law and/or becoming so-called "sovereign" is what the 5th edition of Black's Law Dictionary ("BLD") is really about . What is Black's definition ?

Black's Law Dictionary, 5th edition is the best "BLD" to purchase and study. Most of the lawfully successful people learned American law from studying this edition of "BLD."

You see, the 5th edition of "BLD" is reportedly the edition modern day judges use in American courthouses, which are really merchant tribunals based upon how they operate today. Courts are measures and machines for collecting cash for governments these days. You especially see this all the time pertaining to traffic cases. However, this is not the fault of judges, the court system, politicians, or government in my opinion.

It is the fault largely due to the American people (U.S. citizens) who have become so fearful, lazy, and ignorant pertaining to their rights and the duties of their governing bodies and officials, so much so that their elected officials tell them what to do despite the citizens paying the elected officials via their tax dollars. You know, employers (American people) are supposed to tell their employees (government officials) what to do, but no longer with American citizens. Americans, generally speaking, have been successfully dumbed downed! People fear government instead of government fearing people. This was the slogan of the movie "V For Vendetta," one of our favorite movies containing a "message."

The 5th edition of "BLD" was the last "BLD" edition to contain case-decisional law or legal precedent. All editions after the 5the edition - the 6th, 7th, 8th, and now 9th, do not contain case-decisional law or legal precedent.

Judges do not use the 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th edition of "BLD" so why should you? Use what the judges use!

What about "BLD" editions prior to the 5th edition? Well, these are good editions but the case-decisional law is a little outdated despite most of the case-decisional law not being repealed or overturned. However, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th editions of "BLD" are far better than the editions that came after the 5th edition.

Is Black's Law Dictionary really British law? From my personal research, yes it is! Would I go to court bringing this up? Of course not! Why? Well, simply put, there is no case law or legal precedent to substantiate it; however, there's plenty of independent research out there to substantiate it.

I do have sound reason to believe that "BAR" in BAR Association stands for "British Accreditation Regency" and that all attorneys are knights for the British or Royal Crown. After all, behind every attorney's name is the title "Esquire" which is a British term. This is something to think about! Its royalty .

Esquire, historically, is a young nobleman who, in training for knighthood, acted as an attendant to a knight. "An officer in the service of a king or nobleman."

America has no royalty, but Great Britain (England) does! Why would American attorneys have "Esquire" behind their names?

So yes, from my research, I have practice copyrighted British law (given to me via statutes or codes) under license (all attorneys must be licensed to practice law) and unbeknownst to attorneys and laymen alike.

Attorneys must be licensed (have permission) to use what is copyrighted and belongs to another. Failure to obtain permission (license) is a crime punishable under the law, i.e. practicing law without a license, which is a misdemeanor offense.

Lastly, don't go to court with Bouvier Law Dictionary arguing with the judge and/or prosecuting attorney that Bouvier is the legal or law dictionary of sovereign individuals (as some individuals do) because this is a ghost legal dictionary of America's once great past.

Bouvier, in fact, is the one true legal dictionary for the u.S.A. Republic, but they were taken out of print in 1914. Bouiver Law Dictionary was printed by John Bouvier (1787-1851), a relative of former First Lady, Jackie Kennedy, and the dictionary was adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States, a fact that makes it very invaluable and the dictionary of choice for most so-called legal-political sovereigns and patriots.

Be like Malcolm X who read the dictionary from A to Z while imprisoned and read and study it from A to Z. This is how you will come to learn and understand many things about law in this country (corporation).

Just remember, when it comes to Black's Law Dictionary, refrain from purchasing editions after the 5th edition, which was printed in 1979. Now days can be hard to find .

Here is a PDF link to the 5th addition . You can download it to your computer .

I think that I will be posting more on law subjects . This is great info and I think it will give a better understanding of the world we live in .

BlacksLaw Dictionary 5th addition .. Downloadable PDF




A side note : I am working on a thread now dealing with the deceptions of the American flag . The flag as you know of it, a symbol of the republic that is faults ! The American flag is a symbol of the Military Industrial Complex not of We The People as a republic . The flag of the republic hangs in the Boston Museum and last flown in December of 1929  .

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