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Germany’s Left Party: “Refugees are Not the Problem, the Germans are” & When Jews Called for the Ethnocide of Germans

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The tweeted this to an account called Firoze Manji, who claims to be a director of group which “promotes diversity“.

It’s only since the late 20th century that various governments have decided it would be a good idea to get rid of the White German majority.

Former Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor of Germany, Joschka Fischer, wrote in his book that:

“Germany is to be contained from outside and heterogenized from the inside by influx, ‘diluted’ so to speak.”

That is a very blatant call for genocide. We need all good men and women to expose this evil agenda to the public, anyway they can – it’s the only way we can stop it. snipped but cont for full


When Jews Called for the Ethnocide of Germans


’ve been reading through the New York Times archives recently. I actually love reading old newspapers. It’s fascinating to see history unfold. There’s a lot of interesting stuff in these archives that I may post more about later. But I thought this article was worth sharing for now. It describes the first public report of the Holocaust in June 1942. The report had been compiled by Jewish Socialists in Poland and sent to Britain, where it was broadcast by the BBC. It was accompanied by demands from the Jews to mete out the same treatment – in other words exterminate – Germans living in Allied countries. Although the headline specifies “Nazis”, the article itself says “Germans”. It’s not clear whether this refers to Germans by ethnicity or nationality (defined as an administrative status). But the context suggests the former. Either way, it’s shocking. These were defenceless people who had no link to Adolf Hitler except by ethnicity. It is particularly interesting in light of the claim often heard today that diaspora Jews have no moral connection to the actions of the state of Israel.





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 rbear    240

Germany: Hajis Loot Clothing Donations for the Homeless

A man from an East German town has captured on camera what many are witnessing all around the country. Clothing containers, where citizens donate clothing to the homeless and needy are often looted by so-called “refugees” and migrants trying to take advantage of the current “no-limit” policy of the German government in regards to illegal immigration. Many are unsatisfied with the clothing provided by the government, so they search for more expensive, usually brand clothing and frequently break into the containers, stealing the most valuable items they can find. You can hear the man telling the migrants that the police are on their way, which either doesn’t seem to bother them or, more likely, means they don’t understand a word of German.

The theft method requires two people: One going inside the container (usually with a flashlight) picking out clothing he likes and an assistant that gets him back out.

Many homeless Germans, usually middle aged or the elderly living on the streets, are refused sufficient benefits and have died in the attempt to get clothing using this method without an assistant, consequently suffocating in the containers. 300,000 Germans are currently living on the streets. Especially elderly women are hit hard by this as having had children does not qualify you for a pension large enough to live on as you officially “did not work”. While so-called refugees receive luxurious care and are sometimes housed in hotels, many elderly Germans are forced to collect returnable bottles or beg on the streets. In 2014 a 35 year old German man in Hamburg painfully suffucated in the attempt to get clothing from a container to avoid freezing to death as he was refused shelter.


Many Germans are outraged as the cost for a newly arrived young male “refugee” is estimated to be over 450,000€ in tax-payer money over his lifetime and yet they seem to show very little gratitude. Once illegally arrived in Germany, migrants receive free health-, including dental care, food services, Taxi drives, free public transportation, a shelter, clothing and the democratic socialists have decided to build 350,000 entirely new homes for the so-called “newcomers” that are supposed to “fix the low birth rate”. cont


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