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Denmark: 84% of Welfare Recipients are “Non-Western” Immigrants & refuse to work

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 rbear    240

Racists will immediately jump all over the fact that instead of paying old White people’s pensions, Moslem immigrants live on welfare and cost the states of Europe billions upon billions of dollars.

What these racists don’t understand is that any amount of money is worth the benefits Western societies receive from having millions of Moslem men roaming their streets – in particular, vibrant diversity.

Also, the Moslems will start paying pensions once they get a good education and adapt Western ways.

Migrants of a “non-Western origin” are massively overrepresented in Denmark’s benefits system, according to new figures from the Ministry of Employment.

Of all totally dependent families in Denmark, married couples where both partners are on social assistance — state benefits — some 84 per cent are “non-Western origin” migrants. In total, a third of all cash paid out in benefits every month goes to these non-Western migrants in Denmark, according to the latest figuresobtained by Ekstra Bladet.

These figures might be considered especially high, as among Denmark’s working age population non-Western migrants make up just eight per cent of residents. The paper reports experts agree the phenomenon of a minority group of eight per cent of the population making up such a significant part of the claimant count, and concede it is a “large and especially expensive problem”.


Those migrants he came into contact with on a daily basis saw government cash assistance as a right, and the so-called “refugees” generally saw work as “punishment” to be avoided at all costs. The fundamental problem was that the Danish welfare state was built on the Protestant work ethic and was incompatible with the new arrivals he said, reports the Berlingske. cont

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