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vdo) Black Trump Supporter is Based AF (Black Trump Supporter Punches Provacator)

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 rbear    240

Last night, a beautiful thing happened.

Went to the Trump rally just to see how crazy it would be……..this is insanepic.twitter.com/QFwSwmNoI0 vdo

— Alex Satterly (@alex_satterly) March 19, 2016

It has to be said: the Black Trump supporter who punched this “protester” is totally based.

The incident took place in Tucson, Arizona. The “protester” – in fact a disruptive change agent, not a real protester, they’re outside protesting instead of trying to shut down free speech – is named “Byran Sanders

Hilariously, Sanders is part of a group that follows Trump around the country to protest. They wear KKK outfits and give the Sieg Heil to mock and attempt to provoke Trump supporters.

Who is the protester?

According to a profile by the Arizona Daily Star, his name is Bryan Sanders who describes himself as an indepedent “I’m not a republican, I’m not a democrat”, and in a video interview after he left the rally he said the crowd was like an angry mob. What he ignored to note is that it was him and his fellow protesters who were doing everything all they could to rile up this “angry mob” and provoke them, ostensibly in hope of being attacked – which is precisely what happened. In other words, this group of Trump protesters which seem to follow him from state to state may be nothing more than a group of provocateurs, who do their best to get beaten up in order to stem up anti-Trump sentiment, something Sanders implicitly admits.

This is what he said: “I was protesting Trump’s facism, his racism, his lies, his women-hating,” Bryan Sanders said in an interview with the Arizona Daily Star.  Sanders said he was holding a sign that said “Trump is bad for America.”

“A guy grabbed the sign out of my hand as I was being escorted out of the building and sucker punched me,” he said.  Sanders, who as noted above identified himself as an independent, said he also attended a Bernie Sanders rally the night before.


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