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Obama Spent $700 Million of Taxpayer Money Promoting Homosexuality Overseas!

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 CSB    1,660

This is what I would call out of control spending on bull shit ! $700 Million ? I can't even count that high ! :sad:

Obama Spent $700 Million of Taxpayer Money Promoting Homosexuality Overseas!

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 12/29/2015  Know The Lies

They used to call it "cultural imperialism." Now they call it tolerance. The Barack Obama administration has spent $700 million since 2012 promoting the homosexuality agenda overseas - with more than half of that sum being spent in sub-Saharan Africa - and has nothing to show for it except more anti-homosexuality laws and ill will. Ah, tax money at work. ~ Selwyn Duke

Writes the New York Times:

Suspicious neighbors and landlords pry into their private lives. Blackmailers hunt for victims on the social media sites they use to meet others of the same sex. Police officers routinely stop them to search for incriminating images and chats on their cellphones.

Since an anti-gay law went into effect last year, many gay Nigerians say they have been subjected to new levels of harassment, even violence.

They blame the law, the authorities and broad social intolerance for their troubles. But they also blame an unwavering supporter whose commitment to their cause has been unquestioned and conspicuous across Africa: the United States government.

"The U.S. support is making matters worse," said Mike, 24, a university student studying biology in Minna, a town in central Nigeria who asked that his full name not be used for his safety. "There's more resistance now. It's triggered people's defense mechanism."

Read the whole post here : http://www.knowthelies.com/node/11052

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