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Bug Out Vehicles

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 CSB    2,152

Over the years I have given this a lot of thought and have come to a conclusion . The best and most dependable bug out vehicle that I have is my own two feet .

I have a built 73 chev 3/4 4 wheel drive truck with a topper . My question is how will I get around road blocks ? where will I get gas ? and extra .

I have a motorcycle . Ok I can get around road blocks but my question is what about gas and or parts . There will always be questions .

Again I think my best bug out vehicle will be my own two feet and a back pack .

It will depend on the situation at hand ..

I say it is a good to have a dependable vehicle but if a city is on lock down you will not get out driving or riding anything . But you can always walk out in some manner in the day light or night .

Food for good thought


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Toyota 4runner.

off road trailer.

All set.

I mean I still have to get the 4runner and trailer but that is what I would go with and of course we gotta mod the runner.


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 Redlistvet    780

Look into wood gas systems.  You can make em simple or complex.

Or go for broke on hydrogen fuel cell systems.

It really depends on your bug out location and how far it is.  Anything will work, just depends on your situation.  Motorcycles or 4wheelers will get you any were you want to go but very little storage or carrying capacity. Trucks and cars can carry alot but your very noticable.

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The lack of marine (aka water) opitions is disappointing me. Surely someone has a super prepped boat. Time to use that interwebs 


apparently they're high maintence for the value. 

Maybe a lil more afforable and less buggy (last thing ya want is a buggy bug out plan o.o)


Eastcoast and Britian have alot of condensed people near alot water. When shtf, being moble on water could be a life saving edge.

That said, CSB is right, it's your own body you should keep best prepped so it can travel the distances it might need to in a bug out situtation from virtually all realistic locations. 



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