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Emergency Alert: Civil War in America

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 CSB    1,660

Emergency Alert: Civil War in America

Prison Planet.com
March 19, 2016

If I sit in my lawnor even on the porch and drink a beer I can be arrested for public intox .

If Soros and Obama Activate a Race War they will get the Nobel peace prize . What did I do wrong ?

Is Alex crazy or is he telling it how it could or will be :1XqXnoz:?

Crazy daz in America

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 Cinnamon    14,353

Democratic Spring. Yeah we need that like we need another hole in our heads.  We need to do a montage of BLM vs the Muslims tearing up jack just to see who is better at it. Imagine if people were white that were doing this, he asks, yeah imagine that. "You racists you!"  The blacks have been using threats against everyone to get what they want, including Grand Jury Indictments.  The Commies always join up with these protests.  Calls to violent action only count now if you're white?  Hmmm... Soros and his money... Sorry, Alex, the leftists won't be watching your show.  Just look at the BLM people raising their fists in the air, that is a Commie symbol, they should paint it red to really complete the act.  

This is accelerating now.  Cue South Africa and what is happening there to see how they really feel about you. Wait until they get the Hispanics involved, which is what they are trying to do, if you listen to their rhetoric. LaRaza etal are wanting to chop off the heads of whites and take back the SW because it's Aztlan.  

Black on white crime has been ignored by the media and not for nothing. It's to make you think there isn't any. I noticed this several years ago.  Whites are 100x more likely to be victims than attackers.  That doesn't sound good does it?  

I don't feel sorry for black people being this stupid. All I can do is defend myself if they want to come after this cracker. 


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