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ELIZABETHKINGIA: Mysterious Infection is killing people in Wisconsin

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 DarkKnightNomeD    1,571

Biological Hazard in USA on March 05 2016 03:24 AM (UTC).

A mysterious blood infection is spreading in Wisconsin, and officials don't know how or why. Members of the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are now on the ground alongside state investigators hoping to find exactly what is causing the spread of the bacteria Elizabethkingia, which has so far infected 44 people, most of them older than 65, reports the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Though these bacteria typically don't cause illness in humans, symptoms can range from fever and shortness of breath to rash and cellulitis - but in this unusual outbreak, 18 of the patients have died, reports the Chicago Tribune. "We are keeping every possibility on the table, but it does not seem to be [spread] from person to person," state health officer Karen McKeown says. Six cases of the infection were initially recorded between Dec. 29, 2015, and Jan. 4, 2016, and when state health officials notified local partners the number grew and was found to date back to a case in November of 2015. Everyone affected already had serious underlying health conditions or compromised immune systems, and none are children. And while Elizabethkingia (named after Elizabeth King, who discovered the bacterium in 1959, reports CNN) is abundant in our environment, including water and soil, infections are rare. So far none of the possible sources the CDC has investigated, including health care products and water, have proven to be the common link. Even as they grieve, family members of the deceased are being interviewed and "providing information to help," McKeown says.


ELIZABETHKINGIA: Mysterious Infection is killing people in Wisconsin



The mysterious infection presenting in both Wisconsin and Michigan has been identified as an extremely rare outbreak of Elizabethkingia. The infection was named after Elizabeth O. King, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) microbiologist who is credited with being the first person to isolate the bacterium.

The Elizabethkingia is the largest such outbreak every recorded and is growing bigger. To date, the mysterious infection has caused 50 patients in Wisconsin to become ill; 17 of those patients have died. One adult patient in Michigan has also now died from the rare blood infection.

The biggest outbreak of Elizabethkingia in recorded public health history just got bigger. Each of the patients who died after contracting the blood infection reportedly also suffered from other underlying health problems.

An outbreak of the rare ‘Elizabethkingia’ disease is killing people in Wisconsin. https://t.co/7VK0SkcFbh #NOVAnext pic.twitter.com/02ukcilpyF

— NOVA (@novapbs) March 18, 2016

Michigan public health officials are currently investigating the first patient case in their state in an effort to find out exactly how the individual came into contact with the In bacteria. The bacteria, which is typically found in the soil of reservoirs and rivers, was not believed to pose harm to humans until last fall. The first cases of the mysterious infection occurred in Wisconsin in November.

When outbreaks of Elizabethkingia do happen, the cases most commonly presents in one or two cases at a time in a hospital setting. Those who have been stricken by the blood infection in the past commonly also suffered from weakened immune systems, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, reports.

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 Oregonian    221

i wonder......if this bacteria had been administered via shots in assisted living situations since this seems to be affecting those over retirement age

i also wonder....if we were to search obituaries that these folks might be of a certain skin color.

i also wonder......if this is a test, on a smaller level, if successful......a way to recoup or not pay social security or pensions....more money for the elite if done on a larger scale =)


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