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Swedish Kids Beg to Leave 95% Immigrant School After Beatings and Strangling

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 rbear    240

Two Swedish schoolboys have sent a letter to the principal, begging her to let them stay home from school after they and several other Swedish children were beaten, strangled, and tripped up by immigrant children.

“My kids have been home since Wednesday, they have not felt safe and I have not wanted to force them there” said Malin, a mother to two boys who go to the school in Kristianstad.

“When one of the boys said he did not want to play football because the immigrants cheat, two of them attacked him. It ended with this boy being completely covered in blood before some adults intervened.”

Madeleine, another mother to children at the school said “My children were at home on Friday as their best friend was getting strangled on Thursday.”

“They had fear in their stomachs, my little boy who is seven, and in first grade, was tripped and fell. His knees are bruised.”

At first, Annika Persson, the school’s principal, refused to speak to parents about this. But then she did meet with 7 Swedish families who had been attacked.

Madeleine attended the meeting, and brought the letter that her two sons had written to the principal.

The principal took the side of the immigrant kids who were attacking Swedish kids, and she instructed the Swedish kids to “walk away” when there was trouble. cont

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 rbear    240
Just now, rbear said:

“The principal told us at the meeting that one must have an understanding for this, as they have left the war, they are perhaps born in refugee camps and may have traumatic backgrounds” Madeleine said.

“Then I asked the headmaster and wondered how to explain to my children that it is okay to become a little strangled or beaten, or they say go home and ‘f*** dad’s dick’, and to feel sorry for them because they come from war. I do not understand how I can explain this to my children?”

Malin said “Our children have become a minority and the principal said that’s why it has become so messy as it is”

“I told the principal yesterday at the meeting that I do not feel good about this, and I do not know if I will be able to send my children to school on Monday.”

“Then she said to me; You will send your children on Monday! I’m breaking the law if I keep them at home.”

insanity!, and the 95% invaders in your own land, I am seeing it here in the states too. Stay the heck away from the girls and hope the dudes get together to remove kebab.

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 Lucy Barnable    5,365

It's truly sick how they defend the migrants beating and even killing non-Muslim children.
Plus, they've made homeschooling illegal except under "extraordinary circumstances".

15 Year Old Boy Was Stabbed To Death By Arab Migrant Because He Was Protecting Young Girl From Sex Assault

Arminas Pileckas, a native of northern European state Lithuania was living in Sweden with his parents when he was brutally murdered on Monday by an “Arab” — reportedly Syrian — migrant classmate.

It is reported that Arminas intervened to protect a female school-mate from being sexually assaulted in December, only to have the Syrian he defended her from stab him in the back and through the heart on the first day of the next term.

While the killing of a European on his first day back at school by a migrant pupil has received minimal press coverage in Sweden, it has been practically ignored across the rest of Europe, a state of affairs his father has called a ‘cover-up’.

In an angry interview with his native Lithuanian press, Arminas’ father said he hadn’t even been approached for interviews by the Swedish press after the death of his son, while the same Swedish media rushed to interview the father of the killer. He said in Lithuania the migrant problem was frankly and openly discussed, while in Sweden “everything is being kept hidden”.


Sweden continues to quash homeschooling

Since Swedish education law was revised in 2010 to only allow homeschooling under "extraordinary circumstances," Swedish authorities have consistently denied any parents approval for homeschool programs. Conveniently for the state, legislators have not indicated exactly what circumstances must be present in order for officials to grant parents and guardians permission to teach their children from home.


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