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3 Things We Can All Learn From LaVoy Finicum

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It is a shame there was not a public outcry about this whole incident. Why do the police now kill first without trying to disarm? Although in this case Finicum was not armed, was not afraid and was prepared to die for what he believed in. Perhaps his only crime was he was too innocent.

Looking at the recently release multi-angled video footage of the execution of Rancher and freedom lover LaVoy Finicum, I couldn’t help but to think there is so much we can learn from Finicum. Finicum, of course, is the murdered rancher at the East Oregon standoff in January (2016) that ended for Finicum on January 26 when his vehicle with several other passengers was ambushed by a police roadblock before they fired multiple times on the vehicle and murdered Finicum in cold blood after he exited the vehicle claiming he lowered his hands enough to “justify” his murder as self defense.

First of all, like it or not, love him or hate him, everyone must agree that the only way to judge the man up until his dying moment is through the eyes of humanity, that is from a human perspective not from the context of the police state. We are conscious human beings first. We have morals, beliefs, convictions and values that the police state tries to flush out of us but that process is still very secondary to the organic feelings, beliefs and convictions of the human being. In fact, the entire Finicum murder event tells a story of deep rooted principles versus blind fear and obedience of the police state.

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