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Top US general warns Congress military unprepared for ‘great power war’ while fighting terrorism

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 Ukshep    12,936

Despite his confidence in US troops to fight insurgencies, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley voiced “grave concerns” at a congressional budget hearing about the military’s capability if it found itself in a war with Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea.

Gen. Milley’s testimony on Wednesday to the House Armed Services Committee assured legislators of the military’s “good, current capability and capacity” to combat Islamic State and other terrorist insurgencies in countries like Afghanistan. But after nearly 15 years of such missions along with more recent troop cuts, the top general said readiness for a “great power war” had been depleted.

The great powers were named as China, Iran, North Korea and Russia, and Gen. Milley stressed to lawmakers that the American people would expect the US to be able to hand any two of them at a time, but that that wasn’t realistic under current circumstances.

“I think the cost, both in terms of time, casualties in troops, and the ability to accomplish military objectives would be very significant, and we’ve all given our risk assessments associated with that in a classified session,” Gen. Milley said.



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 Cinnamon    14,263

Of course we are unprepared! Never mind the fact that we spend more than several countries combined on the military. They always want more and they will keep getting more until the people say no more.  But that isn't going to happen, they terrorize the weak minded into being afraid and to seek solace in the nanny state's tit.

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