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General Wesley Clark Tells 'Democracy Now' The Truth About Middle East And War On Iraq!

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 Cinnamon    14,435

Bush told Clark we were going to attack these countries back in September of 2001. 








7 countries in 5 years was the plan at the time.  

They're working their way through these countries, but not as quickly as they thought they were going to be able to. All that has changed is it taking longer.  Please note: this was almost 15 years ago and the neo-con agenda is still alive and well.  We've got a democrat commander in chief that is doing exactly what a neo-con would do. 


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 Ukshep    13,123

and they literally just moved in on somalia the other day with strikes.

But... but how will they get away with it? one word ISIS! after iraq they needed a new target! CIA got right on that.

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 Cinnamon    14,435

The ever changing names of the CIA's creations. Keep them confused and baffle them with bs.  After all, how can anyone know what's true and what isn't with the media coverage we have.  People need to watch this video so they can see exactly where the targets are. 

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