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Texas allowed in on Red River land grab lawsuit

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 Cinnamon    14,429

AUSTIN — A U.S. District Court approved a motion Monday for Texas to intervene and join a lawsuit involving 90,000 acres of land along the Texas-Oklahoma border.

Last year, a group of landowners sued the Bureau of Land Management in a land dispute along the border. The seven families behind the lawsuit were suing for thousands of acres of land that the Bureau of Land Management claims belongs to the government. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott — and several other Texas politicians — praised the landowners for suing. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton even filed a motion to join the suit, which the court approved Monday.

“Washington, D.C., needs to hear, loud and clear, that Texas will not stand for the federal government’s infringement upon Texas land and the property rights of the people who live here,” Paxton said in a statement.


I hope these people are able to reign in BLM.  They've been pushing people around for a long time.  Ignoring deeds issued by the state is going too far. If their deeds are now no good according to the Fed. Govt. then none of ours are valid either. 

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