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WOIPFG: Additional Testimony Provided by Eyewitness of Organ Harvesting from Living Victim(s)

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 BigRed    150

This story does not make for pleasant reading, in fact it is horrific. These crimes against humanity have been going on in China since 1999, the Chinese leader at the time Zhang Zemin ordered the eradication of Falun Gong practitioners. Falun Gong is an ancient meditation practice, with beliefs in the Divine. The CCP, an atheist organization, could not stand the fact that over 100 million Chinese could be seen in parks all over China doing the gentle exercises. So the genocide began. The real number of Chinese who have been killed for their belief will never be known, but it has been estimated to be in the millions. And the evil to top it off? Killing them specifically to harvest their organs in the lucrative organ donor business. Rounding them up and removing their organs whilst they are still alive, thus murdering them.


Here is one report (of many) of this crime against humanity:

On December 12, 2009, the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (“WOIPFG”) released part of the testimony provided by an armed guard in Jinzhou City, Liaoning province, who had witnessed organ extraction operation conducted on a Falun Gong practitioner:[1]

According to the armed guard, who was an eyewitness, on April 9, 2002, in an operation room on the 15th floor of the General Hospital of Shenyang Military Command, PLA, two military doctors (the Military Identification No. of one of the doctors is 0106069) extracted organ(s) from a female Falun Gong practitioner without administering any anesthesia.  The victim was a middle school teacher in her thirties.  Before becoming victim to organ harvesting, she had been subject to a month of severe torture, molestation and rape.

Aside from exposing organ harvesting, the eyewitness disclosed additional evil deeds unknown to the public.  For example: the Public Security Bureau of Jinzhou City murdered numerous Falun Gong practitioners through various means of torture, but claimed that the deaths of these practitioners were caused by suicide or accidents.  Some Falun Gong practitioners even had their brains extracted.  From the most senior level of the administration to the local level, China’s political and legal systems have involved police officers from public bureaus and doctors as part of the organized crimes on persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.  For example: the operating sites where organ harvesting are performed are guarded by multiple armed police officers who appear to be protecting the military doctors, but are in fact keeping an eye on each other.  For a long time, our eyewitness lived under tremendous psychological stress and mental trauma caused by the evils of live organ harvesting.  Eventually, he decided to speak out so as to expose such atrocities.

Now, additional recorded testimony provided by the eyewitness shall be released to the public:



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 Lucy Barnable    2,689

It's horrific and it happens here too.

New York hospital fined just $6000 for attempting to harvest organs from live patient, gave her sedative to take away pain, reports say

 In 2009, a woman by the name of Colleen S. Burns, 41, slipped into a mild coma after overdosing on pills.
However, the day before her planned removal from life support and her planned organ harvest a doctor noticed that the muscles on her feet moved, her toes “curled” to a standard reflex test and several other tests which suggested that she was still alive at the time and that her brain had function.

Nevertheless doctors ignored the signs and proceeded to harvest her organs the following day by administering a sedative which would take away any pain she felt upon having her organs removed while still alive, claims the David Pakman Show.


This article says they gave her a pain killer but I've always heard they don't.
They only give a paralyzing drug that does nothing to take pain away as they cut out the organs.

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