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Democrats Need To Hear This

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 CSB    1,665


Political and religious ideologies remain the same both about conformity and compliance . 

Racism is just a tool to turn people into monsters .   

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4 hours ago, CSB said:

Not All Blacks Are Brain Dead !

This guy has it going on ! Clear



It has been my experience that Democrats don't listen any better than Republicans.   But who knows?  Maybe this time they will. 

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 Groove    1,336

So true. I see this every day with blacks waking up to the fact that the demon crates are the ones who got them where they are. I've personally woke a few up just by simply telling them to research and just telling them a few key words to google. I had a die hard Hillary fan become a trump fan in a mtatter of about 15 mins, I've also watched one of my insurance customers tear up an Obama poster and they broke a few of those commemorative plate by throwing them into the street. So yea some people just need a serious conversation and to be pointed into the right direction sometimes. 

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