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Terrifying Multi-Fault Earthquake Could Strike Southern California

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 Cinnamon    16,236

A new study shows that the San Andreas and San Jacinto faults appear to have teamed up before

One of the side effects of living in the great state of California is the creeping sense of dread that comes with knowing that "the Big One" could strike at any time. Well, there's a new study in Science Advances that suggests that future earthquakes in Southern California could be even more damaging than previous models have suggested.

The study, written by Cal State Northridge professor Julian C. Lozos, finds historical precedent for earthquakes in which two fault lines rupture simultaneously.

In 1812, Southern California was struck with a major earthquake that devastated the mission at San Juan Capistrano. For years, seismological experts blamed a familiar suspect: the San Andreas Fault. Lozos, however, argues that the earthquake may have been the result of a joint effort between the San Andreas and San Jacinto faults.


Interesting that the New Madrid quakes happened the same year as the one at San Juan Capistrano. Too bad we didn't have the tech we have today back then, we'd have a much better idea about them.  Seems like the media wants us to collectively think about a bad quake in Cali.  Ever wonder if everyone is thinking about the same thing, it is more likely to happen?  Prayer and mediation are supposed to work this way. Thoughts are things! 

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 Cinnamon    16,236

Fault that could cause damaging earthquake in Canada connected to Washington

A fault that may put our neighbors to the north on slightly higher alert has connections in Washington.

Seismologists in B.C. recently confirmed the existence of a fault just over three miles south of Victoria,CBC News reports. That fault is connected to others in the Puget Sound lowlands, Brian Sherrod of the United States Geological Service says.

"It's a really important find for them ... because it shows that those faults extend north of the border and into other parts of the upper plate that we've been suspecting were active," he explained. "But we just didn't have any evidence.

"Now it looks like they're going to have some evidence."

Known as the Leech River Fault, Sherrod says researchers recently found possible connections between it and the Darrington-Devil's Mountain faults that run through portions of Puget Sound and east toward the Cascades. The faults can be traced through the Strait of Juan de Fuca and point toward Victoria. Which one is the Leech fault is "an open-ended question," Sherrod said.



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 Malevolent    2,131

Seems we're living on Krypton by the looks of it - this rock (flat or round) is bound to go "Kaboom!" soon. 

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