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VIDEO: SRI's Micro Robots Can Now Manufacture Their Own Tools

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A few years ago, SRI International introduced their MicroFactory platform, which uses hundreds of tiny robots (each one smaller than a dime) that cooperate to build macro-scale structures, like trusses, which can even contain integrated electronics. Such complex manufacturing requires cooperation between many different micro robots, each one outfitted to perform a specific task. Building a bunch of little custom bots is, we have to assume, a little bit tedious, so SRI has developed a tool shop for their MicroFactory that can make custom end-effectors for micro robots on-demand.

SRI’s micro robots are really just small magnets: all of the intelligence is built into the substrate that they travel on. Printed circuit boards drive them along electromagnetically, with the ability to control their speed and movement in two axes as well as rotationally. Here’s a video from 2014 that provides a good overview of the MicroFactory:


bah terminators are not far off. come to think of it why are we developing the tech they will use to take over the world and kill us lol.

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I can hear them crunching under my heel now. Crrruunch! I'd smash or capture them. lol

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