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Patriots: Be Principled, Be Brave, and Be bold; America Has Fallen! (Video)

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 BigRed    150

“Americans who are ‘reverent of individual liberty,’ and ‘suspicious of centralized federal authority’ are possible ‘extreme right-wing’ terrorists. 

So, does this mean I am a suspect terrorist because I post, is the author also a suspect, and are you the reader labelled the same??


My fellow countrymen:

As I continue to watch what has been endless news coverage today about the orchestrated attacks conducted at the Donald Trump rally last night in Chicago, and as I reflect on two videos I came across online earlier today that brought me to tears as I watched them (both of which are included), and as I reflect on articles I’ve written about over Obama’s seven year reign of terror, it is with a very heavy heart that I say it is my sincere belief that America has fallen. 

The country I live in today, is a far cry from the one I was raised in as a boy. That country is gone. In the final video at the bottom, I am reminded of the words spoken by Sergeant Dire when he says, “we have not heeded the words of our forefathers, and for that we may have to pay dearly to regain our republic. There is a great chance that our republic can no longer be saved through political means.” I think we all know what he means. 

It is also with a heavy heart that I say our government, Republicans and Democrats alike, is in a state of perpetual treason against the U.S. Constitution, against moral law, against God’s law, and against the States that make up this nation. As evidence, I point to an article I posted not long ago titled, The Department Of Justice Prepares To Step Up War On “Domestic Extremists.” 



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Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. - Theodore Roosevelt 

The time is coming.  Don't know when,  and don't know how,  but no politician,  Donald Trump included,  can stop it. 

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