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Donald Trump FULL INTERVIEW with Sean Hannity, March 11, 2016, Trump Cancel Chicago Rally

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 CSB    2,156

Donald Trump FULL INTERVIEW with Sean Hannity, March 11, 2016, Trump Cancel Chicago Rally

Make no mistake, has these protesters been patriots, or tea party members, or Christians, or those opposing the government in any way, and this type of violence ensued, the government would be declaring it "domestic terrorism." This was a planned, orchestrated event as the Politico reports these protesters "talked over social media for days over on how to execute their demonstration."



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 Cinnamon    24,416

I just watched most of this video:

Move On brought in a ton of protesters, not the first time. 10 or 12K people!  Brought in to make it violent, what other reason is there to do something like that and try to pretend it was spontaneous?  Trump did the right thing by not letting them get what they wanted. I wonder if any of the other candidates would have had the foresight to cancel it? He's right that they violated their right to assemble. MoveOn is putting them on notice about violence?!  Just because they don't like what someone is saying doesn't mean much. Trump has been physically attacked by these libtards at least twice now.  How many have attacked any of the rest of them? So much fear, I thought they weren't afraid of change. lol  When they do it, it's ok, but if anyone else did it to them, there would be hell to pay, racism would be brought out in force as a defense.  

I don't agree with Trump about Chicago, it's a pit. 

The problem is we have too many people who want something and the dems keep promising them more. You'd think after Obama betrayed  them, they'd learn but nope!  They DO have to worry about their mortgages and he didn't fill anyone's gas tank but his own. lol  (remember that woman who actually believe he would do that after he was selected the first time)

Racism isn't pretty, but the way these people are acting, is making more and more people turn into racists.  When you see someone with such a sense of entitlement, it makes others reject them. What do they want? They can get a job, they can have a family, they can buy a house. There are thousands of blacks who have done just that, they've educated themselves and worked hard.  Just like a lot of white people have done.  The economy sucks and who is to blame for that? Who's been in office for almost 8 years?  They are going to vote for whoever they think is going to give them more stuff, it's that simple and they are trying to shut down people they don't agree with. 

All Obama has done is act like a neo-con warmonger and cause racism to be more predominant.  He's enacted the worst policies of BOTH parties since he's been there. 

What they don't realize is that by denying them their rights, they converted more people over to Trump's side than if they had just been genuine. If they don't respect other's rights, people are smart enough to know that they are not going to respect theirs either.  Double standards!  Hate that! 

Move On is threatening to do this at future events, they back Sanders. I'm sure the dems won't condemn this, they're happy about people's rights being violated because they think it benefits them.

I would have been so pissed off if I went to that place and couldn't do what I had a constitutional right to do, assemble!  

Carson says that young people are being taught if someone doesn't agree with them you can do whatever you want to them, including violence and that the Constitution is not being taught in schools anymore so they have no idea what the 1st Amendment means.  

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