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Bill Burr likes the taste of cinnamon

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 CSB    1,662

@Ukshep Thanks I needed a laugh ! :b0vpxS8:

I can say that I have never hit a woman but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn one night to save a woman's life; My wife .

My wife and I had a two bed room house , it was small . She invited her mother to stay until she got back on her feet .

Her brother was a single guy that lived in a five bed room house . WTF ? I had to put up with her mother for almost a MONTH . :jmpndlms:

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 Ukshep    13,058
3 hours ago, Cinnamon said:

Thanks for posting them, this guy is hilarious! 

Don't you mean to say... And cinnamon likes the taste of bill burr. in response to my chosen title :D

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 Brio    1,035

Can't say women don't dish it out  :lol_alpha:

I clocked my husband once. He took me down a really steep hill in the dark the water bars were vertical, if I lost control I'd probably have been fine but my snowmobile would have somersaulted to destruction. Get to the bottom, get off our sleds and I cracked him on his helmet. My second swing was blocked so easily I knew it wasn't a good idea. But ohh I was mad.

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