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Merkel’s Solution to 2 Million Arabs and Pakis is 80 Million Turks Plus Millions More Arabs and Pakis

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 rbear    240

The number one goal of the Merkel-EU is to flood Europe with as many Moslems as possible, until the nations are totally overrun and conquered. The quickest way to do this is to open-up a direct line from Turkey, so as Moslems are not forced to cross the sea to get inside.

Hilariously, she is implementing this by claiming it will reduce the number of Moslems invading Europe.

Just want to point that out, since the media always forgets to.

‘I am seriously wondering whether we are taking ourselves and our values seriously or if we are throwing them overboard,’ she said as she arrived for a meeting in Brussels.

At the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the liberals, said it was a ‘deal to outsource our problems’.

‘A deal in which we are giving in fact the entrance keys, the keys to the gates of Europe, in the hands of Turkey, of the successors of the Ottoman Empire, to Erdogan, I should even say maybe to Sultan Erdogan,’ he added.

That guy sort of said it.

But seriously. There’s a Wikipedia page about this. They want to retake Europe in the name of a Moslem empire. Openly. They say this. And the clear strategy is to flood Europe with Moslems, which will make it a de facto Islamic state. cont

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