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Now in America . No Go Zones a Trojan Horse

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Muslims Establishing No-Go Zones in America

Muslim enclaves that are hostile to surrounding communities are springing up across America. Funded by Pakistani radicals, 22 villages in 9 states have been established that are teaching terrorist tactics to members of their compounds.

I am thinking that I need to get more involved in this issue and it is a issue !!

Muslims have never gotten along with Christians and never will . Its a command with in their stupid book the Koran . 

And now we have the restoration of the Ottoman Empire Turkey . Where is Vlad Dracula when you need him ? He didn't have a chance

to kill them all off before he died . But he did save Europe for a short time till now .

If this is not stopped now America will be like the European nations vary soon . The question one needs to ask themselves

is do we want this here ? I say NO .


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