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Shocking picture of giant rat the size of a dog terrorising East London estate

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A RATCATCHER claims to have snared a giant super-rodent that has been terrorising residents on a city estate.

This massive rat was captured rustling around in the basement of a block of flats in Hackney, East London on Thursday.

And council workers fear the animal - nicknamed 'Ratty' - could have supersize brothers and sisters, amid concerns of a giant rat invasion.



Look at the pictures at the link! Holy cow! If I saw a rat that big I would move away and NEVER, AND I MEAN NEVER! Go back to that place! 

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5 minutes ago, roadtoad2 said:

Horrible! That's the biggest rat I've ever seen.

Me too! I didn't believe they could get that big. The amount of damage they could do to a house would be astronomical. 

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This looks to me like a Muskrat a large rodent that lives here in NE Iowa and upper Illinois . They mostly live in rivers streams and around ponds but have been known to get into farm barns and people's houses where food can be found .

They will bite and can carry many kinds of diseases . As a kid I would shoot them to help keep the numbers down . I have seen them get to the size of a large house cat .

Picture of a Muskrat


And then there is the nutria even bigger . We have them here as well . 

Picture of nutria



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Rodents of unusual size?

I don't think they exist...


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