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New plastic-eating bacteria could help save planet

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 Cinnamon    14,474

(CNN)Scientists in Japan have discovered a strain of bacteria that can eat plastic, a finding that might help solve the world's fast-growing plastic pollution problem.

The species fully breaks down one of the most common kinds of plastic called Polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It's the type often used to package bottled drinks, cosmetics and household cleaners.



Why does everyone need to buy bottle after bottle of water? I have a couple of stainless steel containers and water filters. Yeah, it costs more at first, but it's waaay cheaper after you pay the initial costs.  I hope this bacteria can help! There is a ton of plastic lurking around everywhere. PET plastic is the hard kind of plastic that isn't eaten away by solvents, so it's some really tough material. 

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