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I shot Pastor Tim Remington

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 Malevolent    1,968

Are these people "programmed" to do this and if so by who? - Is Project Ultra still ongoing?  If it is done by the government / NWO - what do they hope to achieve by such stupidity?





Former Marine and suspected shooter Kyle Odom took to Facebook claiming he shot his pastor a dozen times Sunday because Odom said the pastor was one of the “ancient civilization from Mars” that rules the world.

Sounds kinda like the movie They Live, doesn’t it?

Pastor Tim Remington is seriously wounded, but alive and expected to recover. Odom reportedly mailed packets to all major media outlets, but so far they have not made the 32-page letter included available to the public, so take the portrayal with a grain of salt.

In the letter, the writer claims that his life was ruined by amphibian-humanoids from Mars. Among the writings were sketches of alien-like faces.

Almost all of the letter, which was released Wednesday by the Coeur d’Alene Police Department, is typed. In the opening the writer says, “As you can see I am pretty smart. I’m also 100% sane, 0% crazy.”

The letter names Remington, and many others, in wild claims of an alien conspiracy. The letter writer says Remington first texted him Bible messages but then started threatening him through Bible verses he sent.

“I thought nothing of it until helicopters started flying around my house all day and all night,” the letter says…

One part of the letter appears to be a message to President Barack Obama, and another page lists “noteworthy Martians.” U.S. lawmakers and Israeli government officials are among those listed.

Near the end of the letter, the writer refers to taking some actions of last resort as a way to bring the public’s attention to “the Martians.”



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