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Trump Finally Running Ad in Florida: “Corrupt Marco Rubio” – Video 3/7/16

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 BigRed    150

Donald Trump is finally advertising in Florida. He has gone up with this ad slamming Marco Rubio. It is a strong ad.

This has been a strategic blunder for Trump. His campaign has run virtually no ads! It is a truly amazing thing that Trump has won 12 states with virtually no advertising. He has depended on the big rallies and the free media coverage. But that does not counteract the avalanche of hitjob attack ads run against him by the other candidates and their SuperPACs. Trump is letting them define him, and coupled with the negative media coverage, the 5-on-1 debates, it has worked to some degree. Had Trump committed $25-50 million to ads and blanketed the airwaves over the past month, he could have put this thing away already. He didn’t think he needed to. That was a huge mistake.


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