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Longstanding Hillary Clinton Ties To Monsanto

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 BigRed    150

Her presidency would be nightmarish for world peace, popular interests and what remains of fundamental freedoms, a disaster risking full-blown tyranny and global war – vital to go all-out to oppose.

Her biotech/agribusiness ties began during the 1980s as a Rose Law firm lawyer. Monsanto and Tyson Foods were clients.

During her years as first lady in the 1990s, she supported harmful to health genetically modified foods and ingredients – while banning them from White House menus.

The Clinton and Bush II families ate organic foods, free from genetic manipulation and toxic pesticides.

As Obama’s secretary of state, she heavily pressured other countries to use and import GMOs. US taxpayer money continues promoting them worldwide, ignoring food safety.

Monsanto gave the Clinton Foundation up to a million dollars – dirty money buying influence. Last year, she hired former Monsanto lobbyist Jerry Crawford to run her campaign.

Environmentalists justifiably call her the “Bride of Frankenfood.” Throughout her legal and political careers, she consistently supported corporate interests at the expense of popular ones.


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 CSB    1,660

There would not be a thing that could surprise me about this old wind bag .

I am so happy that I didn't get so drunk and married her . I think to it was David Icke that said she could be part reptile . " snake "

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