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Ghost-like 'Casper' octopod discovered

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 Cinnamon    14,642

The creature has already been nicknamed "Casper" after the cartoon ghost.

The octopod lacked pigment cells, giving it its light-coloured appearance.

"It is almost certainly an undescribed species" Michael Vecchione of the NOAA said, calling it a "remarkable little octopod".

Deep-sea octopods fall into two categories - cirrate, or 'Dumbo', octopods with fins, or incirrate octopods, without fins, which look more akin to shallow-water octopus.

The sighting of Casper represents the deepest ever observed sighting of an incirrate octopod, Mr Vecchione said.


Amazing creature and they say it's a new species. I wonder what else is in the ocean that we don't know about, they're finding new sea creatures all the time. 


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