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Former Mortician Claims to Have Witnessed ‘Alien Debris’ Recovered From Roswell Crash Site Back in 1947

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ROSWELL, New Mexico (INTELLIHUB) — A former mortician by the name of W. Glenn Dennis claims to have witnessed seeing pieces of an alien craft, debris, that was brought back to the base in ambulances shortly after being recovered from a nearby crash site earlier that day, back in 1947.

Dennis said during a video testimony that he had several encounters with base personnel, a series of events, that winded up giving him a front row seat to see what he describes as a several “half-canoe” shaped objects, two to three feet in diameter, pieces, of metal with a “blue […] stainless steel” look to it marked up “Egyptian signs” on them. Dennis maintains he spotted the debris in the back of an open “field ambulance” that was guarded by an MP.

The next day Dennis found out what he really saw after meeting a contact of his in the “Officer’s Club” nearby when his contact revealed to Dennis that she was in “a lot of trouble” after witnessing three alien bodies which were three-and-a-half to four feet tall. The woman explained to Dennis during the meeting that the bodies, which were recovered by the military, had heads “larger than humans” and “no fingernails.”The bodies looked very frail in nature with skulls and bone structures that were semi-playable.

During the hour-and-a-half long meeting “she never once touched a meal,” Dennis said, she was very nervous. ‘The woman looked physically ill during the interview and even got up to go to the restroom to throw-up […] other doctors were sick as well,’ Dennis said.


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