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if you don't believe in ufo watch this

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A curious circular object shown on a French counter that was minted between 1856 - 1680 has sparked the interest of some UFO enthusiasts, who claim that the image is undoubtable proof of UFO sightings from the time.

For example, Scott C. Waring, the owner of UFO Sightings Daily writes on his website that the counter “is absolute proof that in the 1600s the French witnessed enough UFO sightings to decide to put some of what they saw on coins.”

The counter in question is a French jeton, also known as a Reckoning Counter, which York Coins explains was “widely used in the medieval world as an aid in performing calculations by merchants and royal officials. The counters were placed upon a checkered board or reckoning table to represent amounts or tallies in complex calculations. The word jeton comes from the French verb jeter, to cast.”


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I want to believe UFOs & life forms that come from planets billions of miles away, that would be so cool. I mean, who didn't love Independence Day?? But after observing NASA & the establishment media's obsession with aliens, personally I believe the alien thing is a psy-op to distract us from whatever the real truth is (flat earth, the firmament, inter-dimensional beings, God).

These dots flying across the screen are probably gnats flying in front of the camera on a staged ISS prop in a Hollywood basement. & the lights in the sky? Who knows. But at this point we should all know that NASA is a front to tax the hell out of us. 

Maybe I have just been reading too many of Grav's posts. :1XqXnoz:

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