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Are all of the Presdential Candidates Actors with False Identities and Latex?

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I'm not sure I believe any of this crazy stuff from Dallas Goldbug (controlled opposition?) but who knows anymore.  Alex Jones is most certainly Bill Hicks.  The moon landings were unequivocal hoaxes.  The ISS is fake.  Satellites might not be real.  The earth may even be flat (or something else).  Is it that preposterous that our presidential candidates are all fake?  It seems a lot easier to just pay people off and eliminate the good ones but maybe this is how our evil slaveholders like to have fun - I guess I can see the entertainment value in this.


Donald Trump = Ron Masak (Actor)

Paul Ryan = Todd Palin (Husband of Sarah Palin)

Hillary Clinton = Shirley Jones (http://wellaware1.com/newsite/hillary_quits/)

Bernie Sanders = Sir Evelyn Rothschild

Jeb Bush = John Patrick O'Neill

Ted Cruz = Robert Kardashian

Marko Rubio = Michael C. Hall (Actor)


More information:



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