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Donald Trump - Interview on Oprah - 25 years ago!

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 Malevolent    1,964


Donald Trump is ridiculed by many of us, perhaps by you, but this 25 year old video is worth watching if you are prepared to change your mind.

 This is very interesting.  Short video!  In case you have forgotten the U.S. is almost $20 Trillion in debt.  And most of it has happened under the present administration. 


Do not forget that this interview was 25 years ago!

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 YourMom2    1,274

Wow! The Donald looked pretty good 25 years ago but then so did I. I'll give him props for consistency in that he said he wouldn't rule out running for president if things got really bad and today he's making the same pitch as far as trade agreements.

The GOP is really showing their true colors by turning on Trump (Romney, you FOOL) so I guess they are worrying over losing their crony status quo paychecks if he wins. The people are speaking and the paid-off politicians aren't listening.

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