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5 Most Mysterious Places on Earth

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5 Most Mysterious Places on Earth (VIDEO)


Today we take a look at our own planet and some of the most mysterious places on earth. When you think about it, the planet in which you and I are on right now, is home to some very mysterious places. Earth never stops surprising us. Every corner of this planet is full of mystery, so let's dive into some of that mystery and look at the 5 most mysterious places on earth.


Number 5: Magnetic Hill, New Brunswick
What could possibly cause an automobile to roll up a hill backwards with no power? Could it be a magnetic force from within the Earth? Since the 1930s, the phenomenon of the Magnetic Hill was discovered, and was almost immediately promoted as a tourist attraction. In this photo of the supposed magnetic hill, a white sign is seen instructing that “to appreciate this phenomenon, proceed to spot indicated by white post, turn off motor, and release brakes”. It is then said that you would actually roll backwards up the hill thanks to a magnetic force within the Earth, causing the car to move by itself. 

Number 4: Skeleton Lake, India
In 1942 a mysterious discovery was made in Roopkund India. At 16,000 feet above sea level, during the Summer months the once frozen lake had begun to melt. The horror that once hid beneath now rose to the surface. The lake was filled with over 200 skeletons. At first, many believed the remains belonged to Japanese soldiers as the discovery was made during wartime. After an investigation it was found that the skeletons dated as far back 850AD. The temperature of the lake had caused the preservation. It is still a mystery as to why the skeletons are there, but some even claim that it could have been an ancient ritual suicide. 

Number 3: Disney's Discovery Island
Disney's discovery island stretched over 11 acres at Disney World in florida. It opened in 1964, but was closed to the general public in 1999. Many believe the island was closed due to changing laws in florida that prohibited the use of natural bodies of water being chlorinated. Deadly viruses were also to be found in the hot summer months. Urban explorers have claimed to swim to the island and reported that lights were still on in some of the buildings. Why would you need electricity running to abandoned buildings?

Number 2: Yonaguni Monument
The yonaguni monument in Japan was discovered in 1986, when a diver came across underwater structures off the southern tip of Japan. 25 meters below sea level sits one of the largest pyramid structures in the world. The structures are 90 feet high and 600 feet wide. Investigators have even found a road that runs around the incredible structure. Some don't believe eastern culture was advanced enough to build such monuments 5,000 years ago, let us know what you think in the comments.

Number 1: Kapustin Yar, Russia
Kapustin yar is known as the Russian Area 51. It's similar to Area 51 but has even better security in place. It was created for developing the Soviet Union's space program after world war two. The base was positioned deep within Soviet territory. Proceeding surveillance by the United States, strange patterns were found on the ground. UFO experts believe these geometries were made to attract aliens. Many believe that so many nuclear weapons have been tested on this site that it is now radioactive.

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 Malevolent    2,940

Cool - these "up-hiil - down-hill" things have always fascinated me.  We have a similar area in SA where you can go and "test" the theory.  There are quite a few around the world.

Most of them can be explained by looking at the area through a "dumpy-level" 



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