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As ISIS Dies Out, Western MSM Continues To Role Out New Propaganda To Keep ISIS Alive

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Once again and as always, ISIS is saying something and you better believe it, and you better care because someone in the narrow mainstream media information bottleneck decided so. Actually I stand corrected, the ISIS psychological operation is so deep that in this latest episode of the ISIS psyop it isn’t technically ISIS doing the talking but a group that sort of part of ISIS or sympathetic to ISIS. The distinction is not very clear and therein lies part of the psyop. An issue we’ll discuss later.

So while Russia, Syria and other allied forces continue to destroy ISIS by destroying their infrastructure and resources, simultaneously the U.S. western Intelligence and mainstream media continue to make ISIS seem as if they are alive and well. We’ve been saying this since the western media decided to roll out the ISIS psyop on Americans in 2014. The U.S. and its Intelligence apparatus simply cannot afford to let ISIS die out. This prospect would present a serious threat to the new world order agenda. And as we can see, even as ISIS, the engineered Intelligence created proxy army designed to usher in the new world order on multiple levels, slowly dies out, the U.S. western mainstream media rolls out their second “ISIS is still alive” story in less than a week.

It was just about a week ago when the Associate Press put out their ISIS financial report as if ISIS is a legitimate S&P 500 company whose stock holders need to follow carefully. In the recent report, we’re told of ISIS resources inventory, currency use, budget cuts, even payroll issues. The average American should be insulted by these western media reports begging you to care about ISIS and their finances.


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With all the federal protection and funding ISIS gets they will be a legitimate S&P 500 company stock holder if they are not now .

If Dearborn Michigan can be now sharia anything could happen .

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