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Gun Grabbers Don’t Get It. When The “Economy Falls Apart, Crime Increases.” That’s Why You Need Guns.

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 BigRed    150

Editor’s Comment: The fundamentals of gun control are distorted into sideline debates over statistics compared with other European nations. The fact of the matter is that countries facing an influx of rapes and and an unwanted culture of fear wish they still had their rights to keep and bear.

Here in America, it will very likely be the last line of defense as the infrastructure crumbles and the economy bottoms out. People who lose everything lose control; and while they deserve better opportunities, turning to wanton acts of crime and threatening the life of your family is not acceptable. Only an armed populace can defend itself against a society that has abolished dignity and incited waves of crime in government and institutions, and on the streets. If you want to see gun control in action, just go to inner city Chicago and witness the worst scenes of violence in the entire country.

The Gun Grabbers Just Can’t Let Go of This Ridiculous Argument



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