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"We're In Trouble": Alan Greenspan Delivers Stark Warning

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"We're In Trouble": Alan Greenspan Delivers Stark Warning

Posted Feb. 1. 2016

Were you wondering what Alan Greenspan thinks about the outlook for monetary policy across the globe?

Neither were we, but Bloomberg was and Tom Keene and Mike McKee got the “privilege” of sitting down with the “maestro” on Monday afternoon to discuss a variety of topics including NIRP, which Greenspan says “warps investment behavior.”

While he isn’t willing to go so far as to condemn negative rates as “dangerous,” he does say the global race to the proverbial Keynesian bottom is “counterproductive.”

Read the whole post here : http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-03-01/were-trouble-alan-greenspan-delivers-stark-warning

This all means is we have to flush the Fed and the banking system down the toilet for a true recovery to take place .

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