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'60 Minutes' crew attacked in Sweden while filming MIGRANT crisis

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Crew members from 60 Minutes have been injured after being confronted and attacked while reporting a story about the migrant crisis in Sweden.

A producer and cameraman were "slightly injured" in a series of scuffles yesterday afternoon, a Channel Nine statement reads.

"In a suburb of Stockholm yesterday they were confronted by a group who objected to them filming," the statement says.

"The crew have now returned to their hotel and are all fine."

Liz Hayes and a crew were visiting the heavily migrant Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby with a reporter from Swedish news outlet Avpixlat.

According to AVPIXLAT link , one reporter had his foot run over by a car and another was struck in the face by a masked man.



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Yeah, your acts of violence really tell the world what a peaceful religion ya got there. Ya can't fix stupid.

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