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The coming Trump economic miracle for America

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 BigRed    150

With Nevada, the next contest, appearing to be friendly territory, Donald Trump faces the prospect of entering the big March contests with momentum and a massive lead over his opponents in delegates to the nominating convention. (Associated Press)

I find it humorous that many of the Establishment factions of the Republican Party are besides themselves with apocalyptic visions of aTrump presidency. It reminds me of the GOP who tried to stop Ronald Reagan. Not that Donald Trump is a Reagan conservative you understand, but I do believe Trump has put his finger on the pulse of the existential threats to America that the Republican Establishment has refused to address since Reagan left office, and that my friends, is not conservative!

These threats are uncontrolled immigration, uncontrolled spending and sovereign debt, a culture of entitlement, and political correctness, in other words, cultural Marxism.

Of course Trump is not a true conservative in every sense of the word. He is not a great communicator. But, he is exactly what this country needs because he seems to be the only one who will deal with what is killing America. That is why he is blowing away the Establishment at the polls.


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