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Founding Fathers Would Be Called “Extremists” Today, According To Department Of Defense

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 BigRed    150

The Department of Defense attempts to define an extremist and fails miserably.

In a manual provided by the United States Air Force and originating from the Department of Defense, an “extremist” is described as someone who “will talk of individual liberties, states’ rights, and how to make the world a better place.”

The document was made available, along with 133 other documents from the Air Force, to legal watchdog Judicial Watch after they made a request through the Freedom of Information Act. Released in January 2013, the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute “student guide” is titled “Extremism” and says it is for “training purposes only.” But how are they supposed to separate what they learn about extremism as a student and not apply it when they are in combat?

The manual goes on to define an “extremist” as “a person who advocates the use of force or violence; advocates supremacist causes based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or national origin; or otherwise engages to illegally deprive individuals or groups of their civil rights.” By this definition, not only are the Founding Fathers likely extremists, but American citizens are too. Though many citizens, politicians, and presidential candidates state that their reasoning for discrimination is for national security, the reality is that these same people are actually engaging in extremism by demanding that people fleeing from war in other countries, especially those that are Muslim, not be allowed into the United States. But Americans can’t be extremists or terrorists, right?


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 puddle    7

The Founding Fathers were certainly terrorists, and had the lived in the 20th century, and the world was a place where the rule of law was followed and justice prevailed, some/many would have been hung for their crimes of genocide against Native Americans and Blacks. This would include US leaders right up to today.  

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