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Sea Foam - A real mechanic

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So my back and forth to work car is a civic.  I drive a lot so I enjoy the great mileage and dependability.  Plus it's small and can get into most parking spots no problem.  Unlike my diesel - non back and forth to work truck...

My car has about 150k miles and I was starting to get very discouraged.  I've had it since it was brand new, and I have taken very good care of it, but it was losing power (not that it had any to begin with) and it was developing some lifter noise.  I had used several bottled fuel cleaners and some were quite expensive.  But no luck.

Then I stumbled upon a bottle called sea foam.  I used it, along with some premium gas and wow... what a difference.  Took about half a tank before I really started noticing it.  Prolly in my head, right?  Well, a friend of mine, with a chevy pickup with a v8 and 235k miles told me he was getting rid of his truck cause it was tired and starting to poop out.  I told him to try a bottle of this stuff.  He called me a week later and said he felt like he was driving a brand new truck now.  He is very much a prove you wrong kind of gentleman.  

So the plot thickens.  I decided at every oil change I would put this stuff in my fuel.  I was standing in line reading the bottle and it said you can put it in your oil too.  I thought...why not?  So I added it in with my oil change, and fired it up.  Instantaneously my lifter noise went away.  As a mater od fact, I guess I hadn't noticed how much noise was coming from my motor because my drive to work was night and day difference in the amount of noise I heard.  It is 8 bucks at autozone or walmart.  Here is their website.  You can use this stuff in everything.  Gas, diesel, 2 stroke, 4 stroke.  Gas, oil... everything!   I highly recommend it. Apparently it's been around since 1942.

I seriously feel like I'm driving a brand new car!



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