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60-Year Sentence for Gun Possession

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 CGK    2,174

OMG...60 years in jail and this guy didn't even kill anyone with a gun.


An unexpectedly tough sentence was handed down in St. Louis Circuit Court for a man convicted of gun crimes.

The Circuit Attorney’s office had only recommended a seven-year sentence for James Green, who was found to have several illegal weapons in his home in the 3900 block of Greer Avenue two years ago.

But circuit judge Steven Ohmer ordered Green to serve 60 years in prison on four counts of unlawful possession of a firearm, nearly 10-times that suggested amount.



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 CSB    1,664

This sounds over kill 60 years ! If this judge thinks this will be a deterrent he is out of his mind .

What is a illegal gun ? Is it one that is stolen, one that is not registered or is it one in the hands of someone that is not legal to have one or one that the person steals from someone ?

The post reads : man convicted of gun crimes .  What is a gun crimeI can name a few but now I wounder if just having a gun can be considered even if it was not stolen or used in a act of a crime :1XqXnoz:


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 Groove    1,329

The link was vague on details. Just said four counts but damn 60 years. That's BS!!! Heck you only get 3-5 for brandishing! I'm just wondering if this is a start of something. There were stories last week about Lexington and banning semi autos and possible confiscation of them. People need to read history for one, the shot heard round the world happened there. 

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 Cinnamon    14,565

"The stated goal was to reduce gun violence, protect the public and promote safety. The extra long sentence is believed to be sending a message to other gun criminals."

 Unless they put this into every newspaper, radio station, internet website and any other means of communication, they are not going to hear anything about this. Exactly HOW are they sending a message? An obscure court case that is publicized on a local news station and a couple of local newspapers. Criminals are not watching the news to see if someone got a harsh sentence. They're out committing crimes. 

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