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IRS Hack Worse Than Expected, Nearly 1 Million Identities Compromised

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fficials with the Internal Revenue Service are admitting that a lack of proper cybersecurity has allowed hackers to gather sensitive tax data for more than 700,000 American households.

That’s according to information quietly released by the tax collection agency on Friday. A government review of the IRS breach was first revealed to U.S. taxpayers last year. Officials initially played the event off as a much smaller problem, declaring that only about 100,000 taxpayers had been made vulnerable to identity theft via government incompetence.

By August, however, it became apparent that hackers successfully accessed 334,000 accounts.

The number now stands at 700,000 and is likely to grow.

Hackers made their way into the IRS’s database by exploiting security flaws in the agency’s online Get Transcript application, which allows taxpayers to view line-by-line tax return information and wage data for specific tax years.

Why does this matter to you?

Well, as we noted just the other day, a hacker with just a few bits of your personal information can easily take over your life. And if you’ve ever filed a tax return, you know the IRS is a personal information goldmine.

You’ll know whether your identity was among those compromised soon enough. The IRS says it will begin sending mailers to affected taxpayers today.


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