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Rocks, flooding… bullets: Would-be German refugee shelter takes gunfire in latest attack

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 Cinnamon    14,376

An office block slated to host refugees in a small town in Saxony, Germany, was hit by multiple gunshots from outside, local media report. The building was previously flooded and stoned, part of a series of violent anti-refugee attacks across the country.

The two-story former office building in Gräfenhainichen, eastern Germany, now a refugee shelter, sustained gunfire by unknown extremists on Saturday night, according to local media.

The gunshots damaged multiple window panes, but no human injuries were reported. Saxony police say the refugee hostel was guarded by a local security firm, but none of the watchmen inside the house was injured.


 They should be going after their politicians who let them in, in the first place. Go to their houses and call them out, make them face the public and then haul them in front of a citizen's court, try them and then mete out their punishment for the destruction of their country.  Obviously the system isn't working anymore. 

The ones who are so happy to allow Muslims into other people's countries now have another country to ***** about, not just the U.S. 

The thing is, this is starting to happen all over where people have been pushed into a corner by the politicians and invading hordes of people who will eventually take over all of Europe and force Sharia Law onto them. It happens everywhere they go, once they get a foothold and a high enough population. The old ways of invasion are no longer, now it's a breeding program, biding their time and eventually have a Muslim population large enough to allow them to be elected into positions of power. 

Trojan Horse. 


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