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Taboo Conspiracy - Wheels In The Sky - Flat Earth

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Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomy Nasa press agent, says this about that. hmm, it would be interesting to debate him. Any of us could beat him in a fair discussion.


How it works: If you go out on several different nights and look at the Moon, you will always see the same features, at about the same position. It looks as if the Moon doesn't rotate! Ah, but it does.


This can be seen using a model. Grab two oranges (or apples, or baseballs, or whatever roughly spherical objects you have handy). Mark one with an "X"; this represents a feature on the Moon. Now put the other one down on a table; this is the Earth. Place the Moon model on the table about 30 centimeters (one foot) away with the X facing the Earth model. Now move the Moon model as if it were orbiting the Earth, taking care to make sure that the X faces the Earth model at all times.


Surprise! You'll see that to keep the X facing the Earth model, you have to rotate the Moon model as it goes around the Earth model. Furthermore, you can see you have to spin it exactly once every orbit to keep the X facing the Earth model. If you don't rotate it, the Moon model will show all of its "sides" to the Earth model as it goes around.


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 JibbyJedi    1,160

Thanks guys.  Had to learn a whole new program with this one, barely scratched the surface with the features and still have much to learn with it.   I just watched my video go from 97 views to 61 views after hitting refresh though, so business as usual suppressing my stuff.  My 1st (T) trailer still have about the same amount of views it had in the first 24hrs it was posted now 2 months later with FE in the title, which is ridiculous lol.

Aren't the paid shill videos suppose to be getting fake view boosts?  The more people who watch my video the less view count it has..... sick bastards, wait till I'm done fixing my light saber!


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