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An open letter to the Women of America

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 DarkKnightNomeD    2,078

SSJ Moe shared this, now I'm sharing it with you. You gals are going to love it. :)


An open letter to the Women of America

Read the full article here - http://tvoinews.com/15409-2/


Being a woman who has been active in the Liberty movement I have often been asked “Why are you so involved? Do you not feel this is a job for our men?” My answer is always the same to both questions. Let me answer them one at a time. No this isn’t a job for JUST our men! The battle for our liberty is a battle we all must fight using the gifts, abilities, resources and personal traits that we can bring to the table.

The battle to be fought isn’t one with violence but with a knowledge, wisdom, empowerment and protest. No-one wins in a violent battle and no-one on the Liberty movement side truly wants that.  However, there are things that we need. One of those things we need is to remember our traditions and history as a human race of people. This covers ALL ethnic backgrounds and peoples! At any point in history when a noble cause was fought (again non-violent) it always took the involvement of both men AND women. We have forgotten that hand in hand force proven so many times in the past to be so effective.

We could go back through history at any point and see the importance of both sexes fighting together. The women were a pivotal part of the indigenous peoples and their battles, the women were a pivotal part in the American Revolution, the women were a pivotal part in the Civil Rights movement, etc. Our society has put women in a place where they seldom feel welcome in a battle much less in a battle for Liberty. We (men and women) have forgotten our extremely important roles and influence.

I can not stress enough for you take your place in this noble cause!

Women have always been great at spreading information. How many times have we been the butt of jokes for this very fact? Spreading correct information is a major need in this battle. Women have always been able to take their emotions and compassion and to pour them out for everyone to not only hear but we have always had a gift to be able to make people feel those emotions and compassion. Women have also always been able to take their anger and frustrations and force people to listen.

Click the link to read the rest of it.

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