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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels!

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 Cinnamon    14,642

What to do when you no longer believe your vote counts, you understand that the media is under full control of the government and that the government is nothing but a bunch of lying and thieving bastards that need to be dethroned and put in stocks in the public square with us throwing rotten tomatoes and eggs at them? 

It's hard to talk about "elections" when I know for a fact that elections are not fair at best and totally rigged at worst.  The factions that want illegals to vote have gone off the f***ing deep end. I mean... REALLY!?  REALLY?!  There must be some reason they keep having these expensive dog and pony shows called elections. I guess it's worth billions of dollars to keep 300 million sheep in their pens and not have them complain too much. Because as long as they offer us the illusion of choice, we're pretty damn quiet. 

It's hard to get excited about the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  These jackasses put Japanese into concentration camps in WW2, many were U.S. Citizens.  Is that freedom?  Even your citizenship doesn't mean shit if they decide it doesn't!  What the hell was that action they took? Yeah, yeah, they had slanted eyes and ... oh wait, a lot of them were born here. They packed them off, productive people who owned businesses. They were not slouches, they always work hard, it's in the DNA. Just like they worked hard in those camps they sent them off to. Rolls my damn eyes.  And we claim this is a free country, ever?  

There's not a f***ing thing to be proud of in that thing they call a Central Government in Washington D.C.  They've been perverting law for over a century.  

Just wanted to *****! Thank you for listening. lol


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