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Wolfgang Halbig Notches Win In Sandy Hook FOIA Fight (VIDEO)

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 BigRed    150

On February 18, 2016, Wolfgang Halbig appeared in the CT FOIA Commission Hearing to continue his attempt to obtain public records from the Newtown PD and Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, who are entrusted with the CT State Police report and are the holders of those records.

The Hearing begins and it becomes immediately apparent that Vincent Perpetua is much more rigid than Matthew Streeter (the previous hearing officer). This is a no nonsense, by the book, informed and educated attorney who seems to view Wolfgang and his attorney along with Christine Plourde (Legislative Manager and basically “gatekeeper” of DESPPP records) and her attorney with equally condescending disdain.




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Oops, forgot to give a like before.

After 911, Sandy Hook is the biggest black ops/false flag event in modern history. There is a ton of information to rout out the people who did this. It will be stone-walled of course. The big obstacle is the media. Unless there are congressional hearings, they won't cover the story. Even then, can this ever be revealed to the sheeple?

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