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Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump and so on !

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 CSB    1,662

First I want to say that I have never been one to join any club, political or religious . With that be said I feel that in being none unbiased has

opened my mind clearly to all views . Ok I admit that I don't side with no ideologies there for I question all .

Today I have been all over the WWW and this is the best page in regards to politics that I have read all day .

The question is Way are so many people coming around and supporting Donald Trump ? Is it a phenomenon ?

This page that I am sharing with you shows and explains it clearly and to shows how bull headed and close minded some people can be . As for me out of all the years that I have had a interest in politics here at home this up coming presidential election 2016 has been the most captivating for me . I have had to ask myself way and the answer to that is;      

Trump Trump Trump .

Could Trump be a sheep in wolves clothing ? Yes he could be . Do I think he would make a better president ? Way not ? He sounds good ; even with his history .

I am tired of the BS from career politicians, I am tried of the lies and deceptions, I am just tired of the Orwellian mind set of the lawyers in positions of authority . Will Trump clean it up ? Will Trump make America Great again ? I hope that the American people will give him a chance and say screw you to the libtards . 

People lets build that wall and put this government back with in the confinements of the Constitution there for forcing this government into a more of a transparency corporation rather than the closed one we have now .

Now on to this thread . The videos are a must see !


The Biggest Mystery In America Today Is Why No One Can Explain This Phenomenon - We Have The Answer

Posted February 25, 2016 By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

I have spent the day going through political news, sites from the left, the right, the middle, watching videos like the CNN clip you will see linked below and everyone seems to be dumbfounded as to the rise of Donald Trump, in the polls and how he has managed to win the last 3 of the GOP primaries/caucuses after having taken 2nd place in the first.

That isn't the biggest mystery it seems, as Trumps actual rise is eclipsed by the incessant yammering over the fact that no one can "explain" this phenomenon.

We have the answer to why no one seems to be able to explain what they are calling the Trump "phenomenon" - They are asking the wrong people!

Continue reading with a few videos here : http://allnewspipeline.com/Biggest_Mystery_In_America_Today.php


I know that there is a core agenda from what is called the shadow government/World Bankers ; will Trump reveal them will Trump prosecute the treasonous Zionist traders . Oh wait I just remembered Trump has some Zionist ties to . Oh well he still sounds better than BroomHillary or BoobieSanders


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 CSB    1,662
Just now, Flat said:

What about a third party?

There are other people running for president...



I know there is but mainstream wont give them the time of day being not of the two party system . It's a shame ! This is way even Trump gives me butterflies in my stomach . Could he be a wolf in sheep's clothing ? Yes .

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