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On a seemingly normal afternoon in Resurrection Bay, boater Bradley Rich and his friends were out for a fishing trip, but got surprised with much more than just fish!

Rich had noticed that he might have seen a whale surface, so he turned on his camera and started looking behind him. What happened next is unbelievable!

Out of the blue, the entire pod of whales all breached the surface at one to start feeding, and the sight is remarkable.

It was as if a roar came out of the water, and then the surface broke. The whales all emerged within a giant splash of water, almost startling anybody who would be watching.

Rich was certainly excited! He was yelling with delight as he recorded the video, and I am certainly glad he did!

Check out the video of the whales breaching the surface, and let us know what you would have done in this situation if you were in the same boat.

I was absolutely blown away!



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