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Teen Texting: Girls versus Boys

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Teen Texting: Girls versus Boys

A study finds girls are more likely to become compulsive texters and suffer academically

Texting has become the most popular form of communication among people under 30. One recent study found that students spend less than six minutes, on average, on schoolwork before being distracted by social media and texting. For a small percentage of teens, texting becomes compulsive—they may try to text less and fail or feel anxiety and frustration if they are kept away from texting. A new study from the American Psychological Association evaluated how 211 girls and 192 boys communicated via text and found notable gender differences in overall behavior and compulsive use

So now would you like to know the differences ? Click the link


In my day as a teen we were lucky to have a am radio . There has to be a :conspiracy:here some where .

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Girls are more prone than boys to social pressures, "fitting in," etc. They want to be accepted. Except for a few oddballs. When I was in school back in ancient times, I wanted to be ignored by the kool kids. I truly feel sorry for today's youth. It's a nasty world they have to cope with. 

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